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App Name Reface PRO (Pro Unlocked) v3.4.0 Reface PRO (Pro Unlocked) v3.4.0 is the most famous version in the Reface PRO (Pro Unlocked) v3.4.0 series of publisher NEOCORTEXT, INC.
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Version v3.4.0
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  • Pro/Paid Features (Unlocked)

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Reface app is advanced, well-known worldwide app and provides daily-updated wealth of source videos, GIFs, photos, and pictures. You can make realistic face swap videos and GIFs with just a single selfie with the help of our photo animator. Reface will absolutely floor you as you morph your face, and become a new person in popular TV and movie clips. Become a celebrity look alike by swapping your face or replace your face with memes using our face editor and face morphing technology. People all over the world enjoy Reface as a hilarious meme maker. Anyone can animate photo with the Reface app in a few simple steps and share it with friends for fun.

Face swapping is becoming one of the hotly discussed topics on social forums lately. Are you curious about this topic and want to try it out now? So, what are you waiting for? Try it now with Reface, one of the most popular face-to-face conversion applications through photos and videos today. With many outstanding features and regularly updated, you will not be disappointed.

A video editing application with a completely different usage from similar ones allows you to edit the character’s face in any video, REFACE. Users will access features that are completely simple to use but no less creative when their products have a unique interest. In addition, storing and sharing are also completely simple and done with just one touch.

Here we provide Reface Pro APK file for Android 5.0+ and above. The Reface Pro video app is listed in the Entertainment category of the App Store. This is the latest and greatest version of Reface Pro Video ( Your phone is easy to download and install. Download the app using your preferred browser and click install to install the app. Don’t forget to allow application installation from unknown sources.

We provide a direct download link with high-speed download. Please note that we are releasing only the original, free, and Reface Pro APK installer for Pro, Video, Radio without any original changes.

Nowadays, photo editing apps are gaining popularity. You can get the image you want with just one application, instead of heavy and complex Photoshop software. Snapseed, PicsArtVSCO or Adobe Lightroom will add art to your photos. When you want to create funny pictures, FaceApp and REFACE are the choices that could not be more suitable.

A short time ago, FaceApp created a trend to turn young into old. Every day, when we surf the newsfeed, we can easily see people you post and share pictures like that. Now, a new trend has taken the throne when REFACE – the face change app has been released on Android. What’s so special about REFACE that makes people love it? Let’s explore in this article! 


As the name implies, REFACE – changing faces is the main feature of this app. More specifically, you will use your face to replace the faces of superstars and singers in the available videos.

After selecting your face (either by taking a picture with the camera or using the photo available in the gallery), you will see many videos available. Let try one. The process of changing the face of the character in the video begins, you wait a few seconds to receive the result.

Do you want to be Miley Cyrus in the music video of Wrecking Ball? Very simple. Search for the artist’s name and select the videos that this app offers.

All apps and games here are for private or private use only. If an APK download violates your privacy policy, please contact us. Reface Pro is the property and trademark of video developer Neocortex Inc. Neocortex INC to learn more about the company/developer. You can visit the developed website


REFACE is based on artificial intelligence technology. It will automatically analyze the photo to recognize every detail on the face. From there, it replaces the character’s face in the other video into your face.

It is worth mentioning here that the image analyzer of REFACE is highly detailed. It will examine each pixel, then decide whether to replace that pixel or not. So your video becomes more authentic than ever. As you can see, if you do this by using software on your computer, it will take you all day. As for this application, it only takes a few seconds.

At the Home section, you can find thousands of videos, cut scenes from famous movies like Titanic, Marvel or Game of Thrones series. They are divided into small categories so that you can easily find the scenery and the character you want to play.

Besides, try the video series from famous stars like Tom Cruise, Jack Sparrow, Selena Gomez or Taylor Swift. You have a chance to transform into the characters you love.

There are also fun gifs from Tenor. Surely, you’ve seen them somewhere, haven’t you? Yes, they are used quite commonly on social networking sites. And now you can choose your favorite gif, change your face and send it to your friends!



Faceswap technology is more than just face swapping. With Reface’s faceswap, your selfie is mapped onto another face in an eerily realistic way, with convincing facial expressions and movements that truly look like you. Use our face changer to see what it’s like to have your face in starring roles, famous videos, and more. How do we do it? If we told you, we’d have to kill you, but know that the results are absolutely astonishing. Our AI face animator does its magic in a few short moments when it comes to face swapping.

“If you want to show your friends and family some sincerely cursed GIFs, consider giving this a try. We’re not responsible if they dissociate from you.”- Mashable


Ruin reality. Freak out friends. Mess with mates. Paste your face onto your favorite superhero, TV star, celebrity, or meme GIF, and share it on social media or with friends as a video, photo, or GIF. Change your gender, morph faces, and perform advanced face merges with our state of the art face changer. Share your creation with the world and blow everyone’s minds with the talking heads you create out of your images with the help of the face animator.


– Swap your face to celebrities or movie characters with our amazing faceswap technology.
– Play with live face swaps, gender swaps.
– Be amazed by the face changer.
– Share your awesome face swapped clip or funny meme as a GIF or video to messengers and social media.
– Try face swaps with new videos and GIFs posted every day.
– Use the photo animator to bring images to life and share them with the world.


A feature that any user will love because of its fun is when they can change the character’s face in the videos or GIF you host. From there, you can find the humor of seeing the products and store them in your way, and in the format you desire. At the same time, an interesting factor is that you will not need to spend too much time learning the application’s functions because each feature is entirely understandable.

When you access the interface of Reface, you will see the functional tabs of the application, and each tab has a different feature. On the right side of the screen, it’s a function that helps you upload faces that you’ll want to use to insert into videos. On the side, it’s a list of GIFs that you have stored during use. In third place will be the GIF finder, and finally, it’s the home page where you can find the videos that the app has prepared for you in advance.


The first step when you experience Reface is that you will need to choose for yourself a face that you want to replace in the videos. This operation is straightforward: you will select the corresponding function button on the right side and start posting any image. At the same time, if the photograph taken is as clear as your face or someone else’s, it will be pretty simple for the AI to recognize it. From there, you will see a list of face options that have appeared a new face.

Once you have updated the list, the next time you use it, you need to click on it to use, and you can increase the number of these faces by the simple steps above. The next factor you will need to do is choose the product you want to change your face. In this application, you will find two sources that you can utilize to make funny videos to your liking, and each source will have different properties.

The first source is that you will take advantage of the videos that this application brings to you. They can be videos of some movies or some MVs, and make sure their number is quite large so that you can take your time to experience them. At the same time, there is a plus sign in each video so you can choose the face you want to use. Then you’ll spend time to see what the app’s AI has done for you. You can transform yourself into Iron Man in an impressive way.

Another source is from GIF stored in your Gallery. These GIFS will sometimes have some properties similar to videos, but you will need to use some corresponding application to create them. Once you have a certain amount of ingredients, you can start changing the face, and the steps will be the same for the function mentioned above. But one feature that you may realize is that you will create any video or GIF you desire by yourself.

Before diving into the main content of the application, users need to have a clear understanding of face conversion technology. This is a very new technology in which users can exchange all faces with friends, family members, and people around them. The face swap not only gives you a unique and magical experience, but you also have the opportunity to exchange with your dream idols or cute animals freely.Reface can both graft faces from videos or images in your gallery; the application will directly connect and access all the photos you want to change looks. In addition, it also provides countless famous videos from all over the world, such as hit music videos, fashion shows, or even many exciting movies. It will suggest all on the on-screen interface, and they are changed and updated for users to choose freely.


With a distinctive but straightforward interface that is equally outstanding, users can create works of art from swapping faces quickly and without taking too much time. The user’s job only needs to take and record video; the application will automatically take care of all the rest for you. Thanks to this, the application is suitable for professional video editors and beginners in the field.

Not only that, but users can also create images in the form of GIFs and videos to start swapping faces. With elementary operations, players need to press a face photo and upload it to the application. The next thing, users, choose a video or GIF that they love and feel is appropriate; the application will automatically help you successfully match the face in the accumulated time. Finally, enjoy the results you make.


In particular, users do not have to worry about the problem that their face does not need to match the picture they want to graft because the application can completely balance and edit every detail on your face and the results. With color, effects to produce the most complete and realistic work. Thanks to this feature, make your dream of becoming a celebrity come true, and you can hardly distinguish what is real and what is fake with this innovative al feature.


After completing the work you like, you can completely download it to your computer at any time. Depending on the length and quality you want for your animated GIFs and videos, the download time can be fast or slow. This problem is also done with just a few simple steps; first, click the download button, the screen interface will show two types of formats, including video and GIF; users need to click on the secondary structure. Well suited.


With the supply of thousands of videos and vibrant GIF images, users can choose any character they want to pursue, such as world-famous stars, Marvel superheroes, or other famous actors and models in the world. Besides, to make it easier for users in the search process, Reface also categorizes various fields from entertainment, music, sports to many action movies, horror, and more.

Reface can be considered one of the effective arms for professional photo editors or even beginners who love creating funny and entertaining videos. Thanks to the perfect combination of many highly outstanding features, it promises to bring you a great experience.


After experiencing the exciting features, you are sure to create impressive products with easily accessible features. Surely you will need to export these products straightforwardly. Specifically, you can choose whether to store or share it up to you. At the same time, in the storage feature, you will choose two file types: videos or Gifs. Each has its unique feature that you will need to consider.

As for videos, you can continue to use them to create more interesting videos to share on your desired platforms or convert them to some other form. In addition, another format that you can choose from is GIF; the features of GIFs are completely diverse when you create a variety of funny expressions yourself in the process of exchanging with friends, and some can become fun-filled memes. So this is a reliable app to help you do many things.


Besides the function of storing the work you have created, you will undoubtedly consider uploading it to different platforms. You can put them on social networking sites like Instagram or in your conversation with your Messenger friends. So you will be able to optimize your sharing with just one touch. Surely your product will impress your friends or followers on social networks.


Right off the bat, Android users in REFACE will find themselves enjoying the simple and easy to use app, which will make sure that they can comfortably work with the app and its features. Simply take your photos and select the face that you want to use later on. Then, feel free to access many special features in the awesome mobile app, which will allow you to swap faces and make interesting deepfake effects.


To start with, you can enjoy working with the swap features in REFACE to easily work on any selected pictures, GIFs, or videos, which will make the entire experiences a lot more exciting. Allow yourself to stand beside your favorite celebrities in the magazine posters. Enjoy interesting movie scenes with your presences. And enable all kinds of REFACE effects that will impress and surprise your friends.


For those of you who are interested, you can start working with the app by working with many useful swap options. Enjoy changing your faces with others inside a group photo. Adjust every face to the very details and enjoy brilliant visual customizations. At the same time, also try out the unique gender swap option, which will allow you to appear in any selected footage as the opposite gender. Thus, making the creative content a lot more exciting for the viewers.


At the same time, also enjoy the amazing Deep Fake Maker and Face Changer, which will allow you to adjust every detail on your face. Attempt to create and enable natural changes on your facial elements, which will gradually improve the visual impressions. At the same time, the subtle yet impressive changes will make the footages a lot more believable. Thus, allowing you to enjoy working with your creative content.


Also, to make the app more enjoyable, Android users can enjoy working with the accessible save and share options, which will allow you to easily save the edited footages on your Android storage. Or simply share the files via Emails and messengers or any selected social media networks with the most suitable presets. Have fun working with the application and its interesting features which will surely impress you.


Here in REFACE, you can also enjoy working with new editing assets every day, thanks to the frequently updated library from NEOCORTEXT. Enjoy working with new videos, GIFs, and photos that are posted every day. Freely express your creativity and further enjoy the app with these available content. Have fun playing with all the features and customize the contents to your own likings.


  • Exchange your favorite GIFs
  • Start the Reface Pro Apk and take a selfie immediately.
  • A Choose a GIF meme and put your face on it.
  • Put it in a fun photo editor.


  • Create your own meme.
  • Create your personal GIF replies and GIFs for your SMS.
  • Personal Surprise your friends with personalized face filters.


  • See if you and the celebrity look alike.
  • Own a superstar face with his own face.
  • Play picture roulette with friends to guess celeb celebrities


  • Send your personal GIFs and face-swap videos to social networks and messengers.
  • Download Me personal memes as GIFs or videos


Reface App APK  uses your photos and facial features for no reason and also gives you a function for exchanging faces from Reface Pro App. Under no circumstances will you use facial features for your photos and facial recognition, as REFACE has not introduced facial recognition techniques or other technical means to process biometric data for specific user identification or authentication.

Reface Pro is one of the best apps you can exchange with anyone in seconds! You don’t need any design or editing skills. Here are its functions:

Swap faces with someone – people always want everything fun. Even if there was no technology, people always find a way to relax the mood and enjoy life. But today we can almost always do so thanks to technological advances. Now we can take photos and easily edit our faces for everyone! Thanks to Reface Pro, you don’t need Photoshop knowledge to edit photos. Just take a selfie or upload a photo and then choose another photo to edit your face.

Swap faces for GIFs – with Reface Pro you can edit your face from any GIF! If you don’t know, GIF is like the video but without sound. This way, you can create unpleasant moments and personalize them. You can send this to your friends and have fun all day long. Nothing is impossible in Reface Pro because the app has a GIF creator with N support.

Create memes – Creating single memes in Reface Pro has never been easier! Before that, you need Photoshop knowledge to create fun memes. But now you can easily manually use this app. You don’t have to do anything, just upload your photo and think about the memes you can use on it! You can also play photo roulette with your friends to guess celebrities.


Deepfake technology has always been a major discussing points for tech enthusiasts to debate. Some argues that they come with certain threats that, if not being properly regulated, can cause serious disorder and miss identity between the society. At the same time, you just can’t deny the brilliances and interesting applications of the technology. And with REFACE, you’ll be able to enjoy the positive uses of deepfake which will bring you a lot of laughter. For those of you who are interested in the exciting art of facial faking, you can enjoy this awesome app of REFACE and many of its useful features. With REFACE’s unique deepfake AI, users can enjoy impressive uses of the application and enable its amazing features. Make uses of the advanced AI technology to combine your daily sources of videos, photos, GIFs, or pictures with your brilliant creativity. Create interesting and exciting images with awesome visual expereinces, which will keep you hooked to the awesome mobile app and its features. Have fun working with the awesome mobile app and make uses of its amazing features, which will keep you hooked to the brilliant videos, photos, and images of your own choices. Freely choose the faces of different characters, customize the surrounding, and change the entire videos and photos with your creative face swap effects.


To start enjoying the awesome mobile app, you can simply download and install the free version of REFACE on the Google Play Store. Feel free to work many of its features without having to pay anything. However, since it’s still a freemium app, there will be ads and in-app purchases, which will require you to pay with real money. Also, to ensure the fully-featured application of REFACE on your Android devices, users will need to provide it with certain access permissions. Hence, make sure to accept the app’s requests upon entering the mobile application for the first time. At the same time, users will need to have their devices running at the latest firmware version, preferably Android 5.0 and up. This should ensure the app’s compatibility with your system, especially when going for the latest updates.


This review must have met all your questions about Reface Pro apk. Download and enjoy this amazing app for Android and PC now. If you like Reface Pro apk, please share it with your friends and family.

To ensure the quality and atmosphere of the app/game, everyone will always recommend the user to download the latest version of the Reface Pro Mod Apk. You can download it directly from the Google Play Store. But it will only give you the original version. No need to worry about the modified version and those who have problems accessing the Google Play Store or are unable to download the app for any other reason. We are here to solve all your problems. Many websites claim to provide the latest updates to the Reface Pro Mod Apk, but none of them really prove their point.

However, websites provide older links that access to older versions that are not useful. People who can’t download the Reface Pro Mod Apk from the Google Play Store for any reason, don’t worry! The link we provide gives you access to an updated version of the game, allowing the user to unlock all levels and modes. All you have to do is go through the installation process to get the latest version of the Reface Pro Mod Apk.

Reface Pro Mod Apk content rating is . This app is rated by users who are using this app. To know more about the company / developer, visit NEOCORTEXT, INC.’s website who developed it. Reface Pro Mod Apk can be downloaded and installed on Android 5.0+ and higher Android devices. Download the app using your favorite browser and click Install to install the application. Please note that we provide both basic and pure APK files and faster download speeds than Reface Pro Mod Apk apk Mirror. This app APK has been downloaded times on store. You can also download Reface Pro Mod Apk APK and run it with the popular Android Emulators.


Those of you who are interested in the recently famous FaceApp will find themselves even more satisfied with this awesome mobile app of REFACE. Here, not only that you’ll be able to swap your faces on the photos but also enjoy brilliant deepfake features, which will also work on your videos. Enjoy brilliant visual experiences within the app and have fun playing with your own creativity. And thanks to the free and unlocked application of REFACE on our website, you’ll have more reasons to enjoy it.


While the app is free for users to enjoy on the Google Play Store, it still features ads and in-app purchases that might bother you. Hence, if you don’t want to unlock these with real money, it will be a better option to install the modded version of the app on our website. Here we offer the unlocked app with all the Pro features for free. All it takes is for you to download and install the REFACE Mod APK on our website.


To start the download, you can download the Reface Pro app by clicking the button above. After the download is complete, you will find the APK in the “Download” field of your browser. Before you can install it on your phone, you need to make sure that third-party apps are allowed on your device.

To make this possible, the following steps are largely the same. Open Menu, Reface Pro Settings, Security, and search for unknown sources so that your phone can install applications from sources other than the Google Play Store.

Once you have followed the steps above, you can go to “Download” in your browser and tap once on the downloaded file. The installation prompt prompts you for approval and you can complete the installation steps.

After the installation is complete, you can use the application as usual.

4.8 522,824 total


  • - Meet Reface on Images 🎉 Now you can stare at your new face forever.
  • - Create personalized memes by adding text to refaced images right in the app

Mod Info:

  • ◉ PRO functions and PRO section are unlocked.
  • ◉ Disabled watermark on added photos and videos.
  • ◉ Note: Does not work without google services, last working version without google services 1.22.
  • ◉ Pro/Paid Features (Unlocked)
  • ◉ Pro Tab (Activated)
  • ◉ Refaced feed (Activated)
  • ◉ Buttons extra (Activated)
  • ◉ No limits, Pro expired in 2030
  • ◉ Ads (disabled)
  • ◉ All ads links (removed
  • ◉ Watermark (Full disabled)
  • ◉ startup screen (Disabled)
  • ◉ Rating dialog (disabled)
  • ◉ Languages (Full Multi)
  • ◉ CPUs (Universal)
  • ◉ Screen DPIs (nodpi)
  • ◉ Some of Analytics (disabled)
  • ◉ All debug Info (removed)
  • ◉ Original Signature (Changed)

Download Reface PRO (Pro Unlocked) v3.4.0

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