Motion Ninja (Pro Unlocked) 4.0.1 MOD APK

App Name Motion Ninja (Pro Unlocked) 4.0.1 MOD APK Motion Ninja (Pro Unlocked) 4.0.1 MOD APK is the most famous version in the Motion Ninja (Pro Unlocked) 4.0.1 MOD APK series of publisher changpeng
Publisher changpeng
Genre video-players-editors
Size 130MB
Version 4.0.1
Cost Free
Language Multi-Language Support
Licence Freeware
Compatibility Variant with device

4.6 35,023 total

MOD Info
  • Pro Unlocked
Download (130MB)


Motion Ninja is a video editor, but its prominent ability is to animate everything in a video, making them come to life. That, of course, is powered by AIs, which promise users the most incredible possibilities to design a video that is unique by the average standard. Moreover, its customizations give users more flexibility, bypassing many mobile limitations to make them more superior.

As you know, in the production of video content, the use of a video editor to make various corrections and changes in order to beautify and make the video more necessary, and all content producers need such a tool to be able to create professional content. Fortunately, you no longer need complex computer software to make various changes to videos, and you can do all this on your smartphone easily with the great apps that have been built. Today we are at your service with one of these programs. Motion Ninja – Pro Video Editor & Animation Maker is an advanced video editor for Android operating system, developed by changpeng and published for free on Google Play. This program provides you with all the tools and capabilities needed to make video for sharing on social networks and is designed in such a way that anyone can easily use it. Various capabilities such as using keyframe animations, creating video images in the image, using different transitions to move between different parts of the video, the ability to mask images, apply various effects and filters on videos and much more Other features are included in this app so you do not need any other apps. Using a timeline makes the program look similar to professional image editing software, and applying various effects to the video is much easier and faster. Using this program, you can add different music to your favorite parts on the video and control the video specifications such as brightness, contrast, saturation and other parameters, make the videos the way you want. There is also the ability to control the video playback speed as desired. This program can provide the best and most appropriate formats of usable outputs on Instagram, YouTube, Tic Tac, WhatsApp, etc.


● Ability to create image in image and use Kifrim animations in the style of Hollywood movies
● Has various transitions to move between different parts of the video beautifully
● Ability to cut and merge different clips with each other indefinitely
● Has more than a hundred different visual effects to make videos more beautiful and attractive
● Ability to use green screens and apply computer effects on movies
● Ability to add music and custom sound to videos
● Ability to change the specifications of videos such as brightness, saturation, contrast, etc.
● Provide appropriate outputs for sharing on social platforms


When users first come to Motion Ninja, they will be exposed to many new concepts in editing for mobile devices, which are keyframes and multi-layers. They are seen as a tool, allowing users to edit everything on each segment, and insert more content in different ways. Based on that, users can unlock new possibilities in video editing and maximize every tool to get the best performance for everything.

Multi-layer has a distinct function to help users change the visual quality of a scene or an entire segment, making them more polished. Each layer will contain a visual change, such as effects, filters, stickers, and more, including hand-drawn or physical changes to the frame. The image quality will be greatly improved through that function and allows users to correct a few details to make the video smoother.


Besides the superior features above, the application also allows users to take advantage of the ability of the green screen to create blockbuster videos like Hollywood. Of course, it will require a lot of tweaking and optimization in each tool to make everything more realistic and vivid, but they are all AI-powered to save work time. Some special moments also allow the user to blend targets into the environment, making the surroundings more unique.

The green screen effect is also suitable for changing the background or important scenes, and the application can completely pull it off for users to design a perfect video. Besides, the application also provides many valuable resources suitable for building environments or creating thrilling and intense moments. Some special content will also be free, effective for users to use for many crucial moments in videography.


In addition to superior functions for creating impressive videos, Motion Ninja has a versatile and exceptional toolkit, even AI-powered for absolute precision. Those tools don’t just interact with images or effects, and they also help users deal with redundancies or piece together a lot of content. That includes directly inserting small images or videos into larger segments, creating a new feat for video.


Motion Ninja’s visual effects system is top-notch, as it always provides users with the necessary content and high-quality effects. They are also highly refined and effective, giving users more ideas to create a stunning and attractive video and make a strong impression. The app will introduce more transition effects, a perfect choice for videos with continuous transitions to show the main content clearly.

The versatility of Motion Ninja promises to bring players more bold and outstanding ideas, including completing the most impressive achievements. It will also provide more new and fascinating things, giving users more new experiences when designing a video like a professional videographer.


Videoleap provides detailed tutorials for using keyframe, making it easy to understand and use the key frame tool. Keyframe animation can be applied to masks, video collages, text, stickers, audio and more. A great tool for editing motion trailer.


Videoleap offers a variety of picture-in-picture masks, including linear, mirrored, radial, rectangular, star and more. Edge feathering makes your video blend flawlessly.
PIP with well-designed video overlay function allows you to easily compose various fantasy scenes, just like science fiction movies.


  • Video editor with multi-layers that is particularly well suited for anime music video editing or fan edits of pop video stars.
  • Custom Keyframe Video Maker & Animation Editor with a lot of features.
  • Visual effects and color correction are included.
  • Smooth Slow Motion is a technique that use optical flow interpolation to generate a twixtor or time freeze effect on the screen. Smooth out your slomo video like a pro using this tool.
  • Effects such as Motion Blur, Glow, and many more are highly customizable.
  • AE Video Editor for Android is a video editing application that allows you to edit videos on your Android device.
  • More shapes to allow you to easily construct fan edit videos.
  • Chroma Key and Green Screen are two techniques used in filmmaking.
  • The AI Background Eraser makes it easy to perform fan adjustments in Adobe Photoshop.
  • Easily create 3D text using this tool.
  • Easily include 50+ innovative transitions with a single click! Choose from a variety of styles such as 3D, Shake, and others.
  • Create your own speed curves or graphs.
  • Support for 1080p and 4K output at the very least.


  • -Inserted Unsplash API. Royalty free and high quality stock photos at your disposal.
  • -Added Motion Blur for the feature of Key Frame. -Bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • -If you need our help, please feel free to email us at [email protected] We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Download Motion Ninja (Pro Unlocked) 4.0.1 MOD APK

Download (130MB)

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