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Meteor: Speed ​​Test for 3G, 4G, 5G Internet & WiFi is an app that dramatically improves your network usage. If you face problems with your network usability and are looking for solutions, this will definitely be an extremely suitable application. With an application like this, users will experience a lot of exciting features to be able to test their network usage.

Meteor – App Speed ​​Test is a professional and practical application for accurate Internet speed testing of Android smart devices, developed and published by If you have noticed, some speed test programs are only for network professionals and ordinary users can not easily use them. Due to its unique capabilities, in addition to network engineers, this application makes it possible for ordinary users to use it and measure the exact speed of their internet. With the support of its intelligent system, Meteor examines the type of communication you have and provides you with its speed with special algorithms. The measured speed is not just a moment and is displayed according to specific time intervals and after several different tests. In addition, it is good to know that speed is tested on several programs to significantly increase measurement accuracy. All connections are supported and both download and upload speeds will be measured simultaneously. In addition to measuring speed, Internet ping is also calculated and its size is displayed.


  • A special and unique method for measuring speeds
  • Supports display of both download and upload speeds
  • Show the exact amount of internet ping
  • Supports all types of connections such as Wi-Fi, 3g, 2g and…
  • Access the history of all speed tests performed along with the results
  • Supports speed testing on various applications
  • Measure the speed at different time intervals to increase the accuracy of the measurement
  • Speed test for mobile and WiFi internet connections
    Meteor is an ad-free internet speed test tool that can be used to check the speed of your mobile connection (on 3G, 4G, LTE or 5G network connection), as well as for WiFi speed testing.
  • Test internet speed and app performance
    Meteor’s unique speed test allows you to see how your internet connection and download speed will affect the performance of your favorite mobile apps. You can test app performance for up to six mobile apps at a time, from 27 of the most popular apps and games around the world.
  • Easy to use speed test
    One simple speed test gives you easy-to-understand results for download speed, upload speed and ping time. Then, simply choose the apps you use most to see how they are impacted by your current network connection – no more trying to work out whether your network service provider is delivering the 4G connection you need.
  • Historic internet speed test performance
    View all of your internet speed tests by location on a map and sort them by best and worst performance. See a timeline of your tests in the test history tab and review the stats for each speed test to monitor how your network experience has changed over time.
  • Improving network connection
    Meteor is completely free to use and contains no advertising.
    We provide an independent source of truth in mobile network experience: A data source that shows how users experience mobile network speeds, gaming, video and voice services worldwide. To do this, we collect anonymised data on the signal strength, network, location and other device sensors. You can stop this at any time in the settings. We share this data with network operators globally and others in the industry to drive better connectivity for all.


If you are facing particular problems with your internet usage, the app will be able to help you out. Many surveys show that the level of user dissatisfaction when using the network often comes from the prolonged connection ability. Then the application will be able to help you most clearly know this problem through the feature of checking the network connection speed of the device you are using.


In addition, users often have complaints about the ability to use the network about the problem of network speed. Because of the speed that the network can provide to the device, it will be able to help its users perform operations with the device in a better way. To know the actual speed of your internet, the application will also support testing and measuring the speed of the internet very accurately.


With devices now relying heavily on the internet to perform tasks, owning a good network quality will be the top criterion. But besides that, users will also be able to entirely focus on the applications they regularly use to improve the quality of their network. Coming to Meteor, you will also get help with the ability to test the download speed, upload speed, and ping time of the network coming to the applications you regularly use.


Furthermore, you are concerned about the quality of the network you are utilizing will always ensure that you get the most out of it. As a result, the application has included the ability for users to view prior network tests in the history area. With this tool, you can comprehensively test internet speed by map location and arrange best and worst performance results.


Have you ever wondered where there will be a good network connection and vice versa? Then the next super cool feature can help you check the best coverage with Meteor’s network coverage map. With the ability to check the network by map, you will be able to thoroughly check the locations you are about to move to to choose the most suitable network provider.


Finally, and a handy feature for all users, it will be the ability to improve the user’s internet connection. The app will provide an independent data source for truth in the mobile network experience. This will be done by collecting anonymous data about the device’s signal strength, network, location, and other sensors coming from the app. And besides, you can also wholly pause this in the settings.


  • The application is developed to help all users improve the quality of using the network in the best way.
  • Allows users to check if the device’s internet connection speed is fast or slow.
  • The ability to measure the speed of the internet and check if it will affect the application’s performance.
  • The feature of checking the history of previous checks will give users convenient detailed statistics tables.
  • With a network connection coverage map, users will know the local suitability with network providers.

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  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

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