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App Name dYowa Whatsapp Latest 2021 dYowa Whatsapp Latest 2021 is the most famous version in the dYowa Whatsapp Latest 2021 series of publisher dYowa Whatsapp
Publisher dYowa Whatsapp
Genre communication
Size Varies with device
Latest Version Latest
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Update July 19, 2021 (2 months ago)
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📣 # Dyowa_v61 Alpha
🥳 # Update
🏷 #Base:

📜News in Dyowa v61

✳️ Plus expiration date
✳️Second primary colors added (General Colors – Second Primary)
✳️Added quick message to modern house
✳️Privacy message reAdded (Mod + – Plus)
✳️Added Hide Archived Row (Home – Home Styles – Archived Message)
✳️ Gradient color added for archived row
✳️Added Change Archived Row Styles (5 Styles)
✳️Added border color for files
✳️ Added Hide Archived Counter
✳️ Added custom counter for archiving
✳️ Shadow added for archived style
✳️Fix OneUI style
✳️Correct IG stories when activated
✳️Adjust call privacy
✳️Correct translation
✳️Correct the duration of the toast
✳️ Fixed color selection

dYoWA whatsapp v60

•• Base Update to
•• Added New options to download story (copy caption, share, etc.)
•• Added option to hide Privacy terms notice msg (Universal > Hide Privacy msg). You can hide it without accepting.
•• Added Change status row
•• Added Change calls row
•• Added Change contacts row
•• Added Gradient colors row
•• Added New actionbar
•• Added Menu like whatsapp ori
•• Redesign Settings ui
•• Added Some options like dYoWA old version
•• Moved/Fixed “Copy caption” from long press to download options
•• Fixed contact name not showing clearly in caption mention
•• Fixed themes wallpaper not applying on some phones
•• Fixed YoWA Entry not taking background color
•• Fixed Backup not found
•• Fixed full backup not working on Android 11+
•• Misc Improved other translations
•• Misc Other fixes and improvements
•• Fix little more

dYowa whatsapp v59

•• Added Expired date
•• Added new menu options
•• Fix little more

use v59 for get latest update v60 with new base

dYowa whatsapp v58

•• Added Expired date until june
•• Added Notepad for whatsapp
•• ReAdded Log
•• Added New settings options
•• Added Second Home
•• Added New home styles
•• Added New icons night mode
•• Redesign Settings menu
•• Redesign Home menu
•• Redesign Music
•• Fix Some icons
•• Fix little more

dYowa whatsapp v57

•• Added New ig stories styles
•• Added IOS home Style
•• Added Colors for ig stories
•• Added New settings menu
•• Added New equalizer music with menu
•• Added Some options and moved
•• Fix IG Stories
•• Fix Status custom not working in clone package
•• Fix Ios tab indicator
•• FIX little more

dYowa whatsapp v56 Universal

•• Added VIP Prime (Check on Settings)
•• Added VIP Features
•• Added VIP Badge
•• Added Transparent Themes
•• Added Music Visualizer (Home – Music & Drawer – Visualizer)
•• Added Change visualizer color
•• Added Hide visualizer
•• Added List animations (status, call and contact)
•• Added Change background color IG Stories
•• Added Gradient color for background IG Stories
•• Added Change border color IG Stories
•• Added Change round IG Stories
•• Added Now you can check settings about for more info updates, credits and groups
•• Redesign Settings
•• Fix Transparent home
•• Fix Settings styles
•• Fix little more

dYowa whatsapp v55 Universal

•• dYowa whatsapp v55
•• Support and share to family and friend
•• Added New home style (home – header – Home Styles)
•• Fix Modern entry when reply message
•• Fix Popup message
•• Fix Some entry chat
•• Fix OneUi style
•• Fix more..

# Dyowa_v54

•• Added Changes home styles (5 Styles)
•• Restyles dYowa
•• ReDesign dYowa Settings
•• ReDesign Home styles
•• Added New settings style
•• Added Toast settings (Home – Toast)
•• Added 2 New entry chat styles
•• ReAdded Preview live row settings
•• ReAdded Some options
•• Fix Swipe back chat (working now)
•• Fix more.. NOTE: always use default langauge

# Dyowa_v53

  1. Added Coloring archived row (Home – Home View – Archived)
  2. Added Hide counter archived
  3. Added Mention color (Home – List Row – Mention)
  4. Added More option for archived row
  5. Added 5 New entry styles
  6. Added 2 New row styles
  7. Re-Design Some settings and placement
  8. Re-Added Some options
  9. FIX home

# Dyowa_v52

What news does it bring?

•• Added 5 new row styles
•• Added 10 new font styles
•• New configuration style added
•• Added the row color of the start shot now archived
•• Added more theme options row color
•• On Some options
•• Correction of the Indonesian translation
•• And much more…

#dYowa v51

Based on Latest Version (Playstore)
Added Falling Love
Added Love frame
Redesign Homestyle
Added Increase number of love
Added Motivation card
Added New row style
FIX Click search crash
FIX Online view

#dYowa v50

• 08-02-2021
•• Added Fab menu
•• Added Menu Profile Card
•• Redesign Modern Style
•• Added 6 icons airplane for change it
•• Added 4 icons search for change it
•• Added 7 icons action menu for change it
•• Added New fonts

What’s new?
•• Music list added from your phone
•• Added control music
•• Improve IOS mode
•• Long click open fab settings added
•• Long click creation icon open dnd mode added
•• Added long click chat icon to open number without saving
•• FIX application crash open
•• FIX dnd mode
•• FIX fails for some device
•• FIX More …

#dYoWa v46

📆 03-01-2021

🆕 What’s new?
•• Base update
•• Missing messages option enabled
•• Added a blue mark in the reply for groups (automatically enabled with the normal blue mark in the Reply option)
•• Added quick social networks
•• Added Load theme from ZIP file
•• Added Click the status title to copy
•• Added a new UI to copy the text selection from the message bubble (Highlight bubble> 3 dots> Message selection)
•• HomeUI redesign added
•• Advanced search added
•• Added a new action bar.
•• Added a new custom wallpaper UI (conversation)
•• More functions added
•• Added more customization
•• Added Hide Archived Chat
•• Main menu added
•• FIX Indonesian translations
•• FIX android 5.1 and 6.0

🚀 # Update
🌟 #dYowa
⚜️ # Beta_V45
🆕 #Base:
🏷 #Base_Fouad_Delta
📆 12-23-2020

📃 dYowa feature

•• Added state creator
•• Custom added text
•• Added updated Indonesian language
•• FIX Open settings fails
•• FIX White background
•• FIX More …

🚀 # Update
🌟 #dYowa
⚜️ # Beta / V.44
🆕 #Base:
🏷 #Base_Fouad
📆 12-14-2020
📃 What’s new in dYowa?

•• Added a transparent theme style
•• Added a new style of color picker
•• New home style added (Settings – Home)
•• Personalized toast added (online, status and profile)
•• Bulk sender added
•• Quick responses added
•• Added a new fabulous chat
•• Automatic forwarding added
•• Scheduling added messages
•• Automatic reply to added message
•• Move new chat
•• Advance limit
•• Menu option option added
•• Added more customization
•• Added line point
•• Call rejection added
•• Added mention
•• Added status text color
•• UP Redesign the fabulous chat
•• UP Redesign the quick chat
•• CORRECT any error

🚀 # Update
🚦 #dYowa
🏷 #Base
🏷 #Base Beta V.43
📆 05-12-2020

📑 What’s new in dYowa

•• Launch style change option (start – header) added
•• Added shipping error log
•• Fixed virus detected
•• Fixed error sending location
•• Fixed quoted message
•• Fixed some option not working

🚀 # Update 🚀
🚦 dYowa v40 🚦
📆 10-29-2020
🏷 # Base v40

📜 What’s new?

💢Added> New attachment selector
💢Added> Option to enable / disable new Attachment UI (dYowa> Conversation)
💢Added> Animation to new attachment
💢Added> Attachment theme option
(dYowa> Conversation)
💢Added> Start menu as whatsapp ori
💢Added> All dyowa features from the previous version
💢Added> 5-input style
💢Added> 16 bubble style
💢Added> 14 Style ticks
💢Added> word “NEW” next to new entries / ticks / bubbles
💢Added> Option to change toast location online (dYowa> Home)
💢Added> Option to change the duration of the toast online (dYowa> Start)
💢Added> Option to change toast background online (dYowa> Home)
💢 Redesign> dYowa configuration
💢Fixed> reply message in conversation
💢 Find out for yourself

⚡️ Exclusive> IOS style (font, style, emoji, icon and ringtone)
⚡️ Added> Resize row
⚡️ Added> 4 cool fonts
⚡️ Added> Attached Themes
⚡️ Added> Swipe row themes
⚡️ Added> Custom Archiving
⚡️ Added> Change setting style
⚡️ Added> New chat row
⚡️ FIX> Crash in the app
⚡️ FIX> bottom tab
⚡️ FIX> dYowa set
⚡️ FIX> Notif message
⚡️ FIX> Default WhatsApp UI style
⚡️ FIX> A bit of style
⚡️FIX> More … >>>>>
♦ ️Don’t worry, you can go back to Original WhatsApp, ONE Ui and Modern Ui style.

° Added <> More expiration date
° Added <> Hide archived chat
° Added <> Custom row
° Added <> More custom font
° Added <> More custom icon
° Added <> DOMusic Control BETA
° Added <> More customization
° FIX <> Chat
° FIX <> Style
° FIX <> Row
° FIX <> More …

Exclusive design

<> One UI and new UI design Added
<> New default theme (Light / Night) Added
<> new styles for IG Story Added
<> New UI to add IG Story status Added
<> New design UI for bottom bar styles Added
<> New UI to enable options (airplane mode, light / night mode) Added
<> Forward background color Added
<> forward color icon Added
<> Color option for dialogue chat Added
<> Color option for dialogue music Added
<> Color option for Home Fab Added
<> animated name in header when too long Icon added
<> Animate airplane when turned on to alert you Added
< > Color options for IG Story elements Added
<> Enable separate chats / groups without IG Stories Added
<> Music control Added
<> analog clock Added
<> profile photo Added
<> custom photo Added
<> Clock design and color option Added
<> More direct / settings icon Added
<> More search icon Added
<> More airplane icon Added
<> More Night / Light mode icon Added
<> More chat icon Added
<> many more … Added
<> Teks CarrierNew
<> setup styleNew
<> Quick Contact StyleNew Dialog UI
<> Fixed
<> contact image not showing when sending media in groups Fixed
<> Airplane & Mode icon Light / Night not hiding in Groups tab Fixed
<> bottom bar styles not working properly RTLTranslations
<> updatedNOTE
<> Conversation translation feature now requires installation of app (Google Translate) Misc

<> Many other fixes and improvements we forgot

Attention: if installation failed, just backup your data and install this version 30, uninstall old version and install dYowa v40, restore data and enjoy

4.1 140,761,005 total

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