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App Name Digital Wellbeing Digital Wellbeing is the most famous version in the Digital Wellbeing series of publisher Google LLC
Publisher Google LLC
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Update November 23, 2020 (3 days ago)
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The age we live in can be considered the age of smartphones, because these amazing mobile devices have entered all aspects of our lives and have become one of our main and most important companions. Now, from the time we wake up to the time we go back to sleep, smartphones are with us and a large part of our daily lives are spent using them. All kinds of messaging apps, social networks and… have been produced along with fun and addictive games so that we do not have the ability to leave our phone and become more and more dependent on it every day. Of course, like any other addiction, smartphone addiction is harmful and destructive. Despite smartphones and the constant use of them, we can not achieve the mobility that our body needs, or we do not have enough time and energy for our work and education. Smartphones make our daily stress and anxiety much more and more severe, and this causes a variety of mental, physical and social disorders in us, so it is necessary to be sure to control how we use the phone. So that we can minimize its losses. Today we are at your service with an application from Google, which was created to help you do this and to give such control to users. Digital Wellbeing is an application for managing and controlling the use of smartphones and digital health recovery, for the Android operating system, which was developed by the software group Google LLC and published for free on Google Play. Using this program, you can see a complete picture of your digital habits and change the way you use the phone if necessary. With this app, you can see how often you use different apps, how many notifications you receive, how often you check your phone, or unlock your device. This information will help you understand how dependent you are on your phone and how much time you spend with it. Finally, the program provides you with tools to deal with this addiction and dependence.


View the usage of different phones and applications
Timer to restrict application usage
Reminder to leave the phone overnight by blurring the screen and turning off notifications for a better night’s sleep
Focus mode helps you turn off annoying apps with one touch, and even sets a time to do so to turn them off automatically.

See a complete picture of your digital habits and disconnect when you want to.

Get a daily view of your digital habits:
• How frequently you use different apps
• How many notifications you receive
• How often you check your phone or unlock your device

Disconnect when you want to:
• Daily app timers let you set limits for how much you use apps.
• Bedtime mode reminds you to switch off at night, setting a schedule to fade your screen to Grayscale while Do Not Disturb silences notifications for a good night’s sleep.
• Focus mode lets you pause distracting apps with a single tap so you can better focus your time. You can also set a schedule to turn on Focus mode automatically and reduce distractions while you’re at work, school, or home.

Get started:
• Look for Digital Wellbeing in your phone’s Settings menu

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  • Wind Down is now Bedtime mode and has the following new features:
  • • Turn on Bedtime mode automatically with a daily schedule or while your phone is charging at bedtime
  • • Pause Bedtime mode if you need more time before bed
  • • Turn Bedtime mode on or off with a single tap from Quick Settings

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