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App Name College Life Mod (Free Shopping) v1.8.5 College Life Mod (Free Shopping) v1.8.5 is the most famous version in the College Life Mod (Free Shopping) v1.8.5 series of publisher Nutaku
Publisher Nutaku
Genre Puzzle
Size 95MB
Latest Version 1.6.8
Mod Version 1.6.8
Update November 09, 2021 (2 months ago)
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The chaotic life of many people is becoming more and more difficult. Also for that reason, many people want to return to the past to live their youthfully. Of course, this is not possible. So you have to look at games with these themes to enjoy. College Life is a product built on college life. This is the time when humans begin to mature and live the world of adults. However, they are too young to make the right decisions. If you want to redo what you regret from college, this game will bring all the content you need. Players will have to study harder, Have healthy friendships, and even have a Great Lover.

Nutaku is a publisher with lots of interesting content. Booty Calls, 7 Angels, Booty Farm, or Fap CEO have earned them a lot of fame in the NSFW genre. Thanks to that, College Life has received a lot of attention and positive reviews from the moment it was released. Up to the present time, College Life although not a new game anymore, but it is still loved by many gamers. You can also install it on our website.


The beautifully designed and hot characters
College Life became famous for players around the world thanks to its design. Nearly all of the characters that appear in the game have a unique and attractive appearance. They are like the character system in romantic comic books written specifically for students’ age. They will be people between the ages of 18 and 22. This is the moment when a person’s body develops to its fullest extent and becomes attractive. Can they make their own beautiful stories? All you need to do is just follow your feelings. The male characters all have handsome looks, toned, and tall body. And the female characters are all hot and have distinct personalities. Actually, this is the college life that many people crave.

The story makes the story dramatic
The player will play the role of a guy who, along with his best friend, goes to a university. There were two people who thought it would be a great time for both of them. However, two people suddenly received information that the principal of this school is doing bad things. He destroys the school and harms innocent girls. If you don’t take action, your best friend will also be the next target to be called. And your college life could be destroyed, too. Players will play the role of a true hero, seeking to bring down the evil plans of the principal. You will become the hero of the girls who are harmed. When you save the girls, the relationship also gets better. You can choose someone to love. Or maybe developing more feelings for her best friend? Or you can even keep relationships ambiguous with many people. Generally speaking, it is your relationship. A special feature of this game is that there will be quite hot scenes for you to enjoy.

What you can do in this university
Your first task is to establish relationships with all the characters in this game. That means players will have to meet, talk, and learn about the lives of girls who are being harmed. This will be a very solid basis for you to investigate the mystery behind the principal’s plan. The game will bring you 12 girls with different personalities. You cannot use a tactic to get to know them. There will be people who are very open and easy to get to know. Besides, there will also be fastidious and shy girls that make you spend more time.

A second task is to bring this school back to its glory. This game will tend to follow the style of a construction simulation game. Honestly, there are many different types of buildings for you to choose from. Players will adapt their smart plans to build unique and new buildings. In addition, rooms that have not been repaired for a while have also been refreshed. More than 100 Custom Decorations available in the game will allow and unleash creativity and creation of rooms according to their own preferences. Players will have to create a desirable college environment for many.

Develop yourself day by day
The last thing you can do in this game is to develop yourself, make yourself more handsome. That is the first move you can use for getting to know many people. Players will be equipped with more than 40 different outfits to get a different look to show off their personalities. You will have to unlock them in the shop with the money you earn through quests. Hundreds of missions in the game will be updated regularly for you to complete and make money from there. These tasks are also easy only because that is not the main focus that you have to do.


College Life tells about the incident of a female student when her university suddenly changed the principal. The new principal is a strange person, always trying to control the women and find ways to expel them from school.

When the girl’s best friend falls into a similar situation and faces expulsion, she decides to do something to help her friend and removes the evil principal from the school.


Although College Life is labelled 18+, its gameplay is quite similar to life simulation games. But the topic here is narrower, revolving around the university environment of male and female students. You can choose a character to role-play, then gradually explore her life, from personal life, daily life to a university environment.

Overall, the gameplay of College Life is quite interesting. A task list is provided by the system. You can test them and execute them through a tracking board. They are pretty simple too, like creating a poster to find a lost dog, visit a friend’s house, buy an item or new land.

Of course, as you perform more missions, the story expands. And then, you can play the role of another character.

In the right corner of the screen, you can see the characters that you are playing. You just need to touch the corresponding character to transform. Each of them has its own life and tasks that need to be performed. If you complete a quest, you will receive a bonus, while unlocking many new items and areas.

If you love Nutaku’s games, you can try Fap CEO, Booty Calls.

Build a beautiful land

Besides simulation elements, College Life also contains constructive elements. That means, your characters can build buildings. These buildings may revolve around the lives of characters, such as houses, restaurants, movie theatres or college buildings, like bookstores, pizzerias and junk food. Of course, there are many other buildings and decorations. The world in this game is yours, turn it into the land that you always wanted.

Meet a new friends

During the experience, you will interact with other characters. They are neighbors, college friends or the teachers. You can communicate with them by touching them. The communication takes place quite naturally, when the dialogue is displayed on the screen. You will choose an answer and decide in response to someone.

In addition, there are quite a few new characters. They are all cute and lovely girls. However, you need to unlock them in the store.

Unlock new lands

The first moment when joining College Life, the land you live in is quite limited. However, as you experience and complete more quests, you can expand the land to find new friends.

There, there are also quite interesting scenes and content that Nutaku designed and put into the game. Let’s explore them!

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  • Building instant Upgrade to gain Kisses (massive Kisses)
  • Shop Items doesn’t decrease currency
  • If you have problems with the game start. go to the page and start there the game. after loading the game tries it on your device.
  • if the problem also appears try a new account

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