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App Name Brave Private Browser (Premium Unlocked) MOD APK Brave Private Browser (Premium Unlocked) MOD APK is the most famous version in the Brave Private Browser (Premium Unlocked) MOD APK series of publisher Brave Software
Publisher Brave Software
Genre communication
Size 251MB
Version 1.49.129
Cost Free
Language Multi-Language Support
Licence Freeware
Compatibility Variant with device

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  • Premium Unlocked
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On your mobile devices, Brave is a quick, cost-free, safe web browser. Equipped with an integrated ad blocker that stops tracking and is battery and mobile data efficient. Download the Brave Browser for iOS or Android.

Many advertising on websites that slow down your activities and eat up a lot of Internet bandwidth are one of the main issues that Internet users continually deal with. Anti-advertising software is one of the most popular solutions to this issue, but it uses up a lot of storage space and slightly increases battery use. However using an anti-ad browser is one of the finest options. A safe, quick, and ad-blocking browser for Android was created by Brave Software and made available in the vast Google Play Market. It is called Brave Browser: Fast AdBlocker. See a variety of websites quickly without the use of any specialised plugins or add-ons, and always recall the obnoxious advertising.

Along with safeguarding you from any threats, the security mechanism utilised in this software also safeguards your privacy and all of your information. The astonishing aspect of this browser is how little battery it uses! Simply compare it to other Internet browsers to discover how fast, how quiet, and how little battery power it uses.

Fast web browser Brave With Adblock, follow-up protection, and an enhanced user experience for data and battery life, AdBlock is a quick, safe, and cost-free browser. When it comes to your setups, none of this requires you to clear a lot of difficult setup obstacles. It’s easy—just launch the app and begin surfing.

You won’t need to manage or set up any plug-ins or external changes while using Brave Browser: Quick AdBlock. Already included in this software is a secure, fast browsing experience. Yep, it means there aren’t any pop-up ads, malicious programmes, or other annoyances in sight.

Some beneficial capabilities of Brave Browser Quick AdBlock is the amount of time it reduces the time it takes for webpages to load, enhancing speed and fully avoiding intrusive advertising. In the long term, this represents a significant increase in performance for consumers, and you’ll clearly notice it when comparing it to other browsers. You’ll observe it in both your battery life and data use, in addition to the former.

Browser Brave: Initial A fantastic Android browser is Blocker. It contains all the features you’ve come to expect in a contemporary browser and delivers a rapid and secure surfing experience.
Undoubtedly, we are aware that online advertisements may be really bothersome, but we must also keep in mind that many of our favourite websites, social networks, blogs, and online platforms would not be able to function without them. So, we must sincerely consider whether banning ads and differentiating between appropriate and intrusive advertisements is desirable. Nobody will perish as a result of viewing a few banners.

We can, however, appreciate why some users would like to increase their online security, stay away from certain trackers, and disable intrusive advertising on websites with massive backgrounds and endless videos. And Brave Browser—a secure online browser that includes AdBlock and anti-tracking security—is ideal for such a use.


The Nightly channel is often where new features are unveiled. After ironing out the bugs, we transfer them to the Beta build for one more review before incorporating them into the Brave release version you see here.


  • rapid page searches on the web
  • Disable all advertising, including those on pop-up sites.
  • extremely low power use as compared to other web browsers
  • Optimize data use to reduce internet traffic.
  • Defend your data from any threats or attacks.
  • https://security system
  • Get rid of harmful scripts
  • Cookies blocking
  • Make a note of your favourite websites
  • tabs for private web surfing


A free open-source web browser with a focus on speed and security is called Brave. Websites for desktop and mobile users are speeded up as a result of blocking all advertisements and tracking. In order to provide people the chance to secure their privacy without giving up features they already enjoy from other browsers, Brave also provides reasonable security settings and optional restrictions. Also, it is compatible with Windows 11.

Basic Attention Token, or BAT, is a unique cryptocurrency that Brave utilises to pay content producers. It also contains a wallet that users can use to manage their money. In contrast to other browsers like Chrome and Edge, which can monitor your every action, Brave is a great option for consumers who want to be in charge of their surfing experience.


The open-source web browser project Chromium, from which Google Chrome derives its code, serves as the foundation for Brave. This implies that anybody may see, modify, and contribute to Brave’s source code with ease.
To keep up with improvements in Chromium/Chrome, the Brave development team says they are dedicated to update their browser three times each month. Users get access to the most recent security patches as soon as they become available thanks to the ongoing updates.


Brave has all the options required to be the selected one if you’re seeking for an alternative to the most widely used browsers, like Chrome or Firefox, to provide an additional security layer (we won’t argue if it’s essential or not).

  • includes an adblocker to prevent all advertisements while we browse.
  • Without any extraneous settings or plug-ins, quick and secure.
  • enhances speed and cuts down on page loading time to conserve data and battery life.
  • provides us with a high level of privacy protection through data encryption, cookie blocking, and private mode.
  • our ability to add bookmarks.
  • contains a history and quick links to the most popular websites.

Without sacrificing your privacy or security, Brave includes a number of features and functions that can help you stay safe and secure online. While it is a relatively new player in the browser industry, the Brave browser (together with its companion extensions and plugins) has gained ground quicker than most anticipated.

This makes sense given that many individuals are fed up with the privacy infringements that commonplace browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox create. The makers of Brave assert that their main goal is to create a browser that respects users’ security and privacy while giving them greater control over their online experience.

Several elements of the Brave browser guard against trackers and adverts seeking to access user data while also protecting it. The Brave browser speeds up page load times by default by blocking advertisements and trackers. The firm that created Brave asserts that this has no effect on the site’s operation or aesthetic quality. If desired, this functionality can be disabled.

Users can select the precise advertisements they want to view. They may do this to avoid being exposed to other adverts while still supporting websites and content providers they enjoy. Also, it solves the issue of not knowing what kind of data has been gathered by certain advertisements. The option to switch to a “clean” version of the app that only displays text-based adverts is also available to users.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connections are used by Brave to automatically connect to devices. As a result, data exchanged between computers and website servers cannot be intercepted by ISPs, hackers, or other outside parties. It also encrypts all data transmitted to and from websites, enhancing user privacy.

Brave’s built-in tracking protection prevents websites from following users throughout the internet. The use of any feature, such as Facebook “Like” buttons, Google Analytics code, Twitter widgets, etc., that collects data is prohibited.

Users of Brave can also choose to ban all trackers that are discovered on websites. Cookies and other scripts used to track web behaviour are included in this. It is important to note that since these are not advertising but rather records of user behaviour, adblockers are unable to stop them.

All known trackers, malware websites, and adware are blocked by the blocklist in Brave. The Brave team promises to release an update to remove all future trackers and harmful material. Moreover, Brave blocks crypto mining and fingerprinting. As a result, it is more difficult for attackers to recognise and fingerprint users.


Users can choose to activate any of Brave’s several optional privacy features if they desire more security.

Brave has a privacy mode setting that enables it to disable JavaScript, local storage, DOM storage, and all cookies. This makes it harder to spy on a user’s browsing history, especially when utilising shared computers.

Brave by default also disables WebRTC, which leaks local IP addresses, and bans third-party tracking cookies. These features can be activated in the preferences’ privacy section.

Users may choose third-party trackers from a list and delete them using Brave’s most recent version. Also, users may always remove their browser data, passwords, cookies, and cached material. Last but not least, Brave includes an incognito mode that turns off all extensions and prevents new tabs from collecting and storing data.


Brave is simple to use and shares a common user interface with most browsers. It is quite simple to operate and does not require much getting accustomed to. Users may pick options from the ‘three lines’ (or hamburger) menu in the upper right corner to access Brave’s features.
Basic browser settings like as bookmarks, browsing data (history, passwords), user interface options (toolbar, user agent), and privacy preferences are all accessible through tabs (cookie settings, history protection). There are also settings for ad blocking, script blocking, and fingerprinting management. Users may choose what to do because the alternatives are clearly presented at the bottom of each page.


The default settings of Brave are logical enough to safeguard privacy without destroying or reducing the functionality of websites. The only browser on the market, Brave, disables all ads and trackers by default. This speeds up page loads, uses less bandwidth, and shields users from malware on all systems that it is compatible with, including Windows, Linux, Android, macOS, and iOS.
Due to its advanced privacy and security features, Brave is one of the best alternative browsers. It also gives consumers much better control over their online data management than Chrome or Firefox, posing a significant threat to the leading other browsers.


  • New in this release:
  • Big News: In this release we are introducing Widgets on the new tab page. We have partnered with Binance for our first Widget and stay tuned for more Widgets in the future.
  • Thank you for using Brave and making a better web! Please remember to rate us on the Play Store, it really helps.
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Download Brave Private Browser (Premium Unlocked) 1.49.129 MOD APK

Download (251MB)

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