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App Name BlackPlayer EX (Patched/Mod Extra) v20.62 BlackPlayer EX (Patched/Mod Extra) v20.62 is the most famous version in the BlackPlayer EX (Patched/Mod Extra) v20.62 series of publisher FifthSource
Publisher FifthSource
Genre music-audio
Size Varies with device
Latest Version v20.62
Mod Version v20.62
MOD Info
  • Patched/Mod Extra
Update June 27, 2022 (4 days ago)
Read 979 views
Price: $0
MOD Info
  • Patched/Mod Extra
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Music has become an indispensable part of human life. A music streaming app is the cure for your addiction. BlackPlayer EX Music Player is the most popular MP3 player on the market today. We update quickly and fully the music products of all singers of all genres—a huge treasure trove of audio entertainment inside one app.

BlackPlayer EX – Black Player X is a wonderful, different and unique music player from KodarKooperativet Studio for Android, which is available for $ 3.29 on Google Play and has been downloaded thousands of times by Android users around the world. It is the most popular music player. Until today, we had introduced various and famous music players for Android, which was very well received by you, but today, we intend to introduce the wonderful BlackPlayer EX application, which brings all the capabilities and features of famous music players together. It brings you. One of the great features of this music player is that it gives you 10 color accents and 3 different themes and gives you all the expectations you expect from a music player! If you want to experience the music in your device’s memory with the best possible quality in the most beautiful Android player, we suggest you BlackPlayer EX, install it on your Android device and after wandering with it, you will get a result. Get a general overview and send that result at the bottom of this page as a review to friends!

The BlackPlayer EX app, despite being monetary and selling well, was able to attract buyers and earn a score of 4.4 out of 5.0. You can download the latest and greatest version of the excellent BlackPlayer EX music player, which is 100% cracked and does not give a license error, for free and with a direct link from PepperTech.


6 different fonts to use + device default fonts
Display complete information about the bit rate and other music items being played
Ability to customize, sort and delete the Library as a whole
Zap’s cool feature for quick discovery of your music
Provide 3 cobra object widgets for the device home screen
Having a sleep timer to automatically stop playing music
Weekly Popular Songs section to display your favorite music
Super hover widget for easy and fast music playback control
Functional control features of screen lock, 3D effects and other fantastic features
Added NEW Bookmarks feature. This page must be manually enabled from the ‘Manage Pages’ found in Interface settings. Bookmarks can be created from the custom actions in Now Playing page.
Added option to show All Tracks for Never Played, if opened from ‘Play Now’ page (BlackPlayer Library only). Default enabled for Android 9.0+. Activate in top right corner when viewing the Never Played tracks.
Tweaked scrollbars in the scrollable music in Play now page.
BlackPlayer now shows it’s title at the top of the app when its started.
The Custom Typeface are now applied to the tab headers.
Added info and removed non working swipe refresh for the ‘Podcasts & Mixes’ page.
Added Screen rotation lock option as one of the Customizable actions in Now Playing page.
Added option to add ‘FOLDERS’ to bottom navigation bar.
Added ‘Select All’ to more multi select lists.
‘Track Music Played’ moved to Metadata Settings.
Increased max Albums and Artists shown in the ‘Popular Albums’ window to 21 instead of 18.
Translation update.


One of the most outstanding features is that BlackPlayer EX Music Player supports users with standard music stored internally. Some of the most popular, most commonly used names today are mp3, FLAC, and wav. Along with that is the application that integrates Equalizer, BassBoost, Virtualizer. This promises to give you a great experience when you set foot in this rich world.


For many users, it’s not uncommon to like a particular song or playlist. You always want to play that song over and over again. Because for you, that song is currently number 1 in your heart, so you don’t want to miss a single moment. We add playback for users like many other music apps. However, the special thing is that between our replays, there will not be any gaps. When enjoying it, you can’t seem to distinguish the opening and ending parts of the song.


To not interrupt the listener’s sublime emotions created by the magical music, BlackPlayer EX Music Player does not appear in ads. This is a point that experts highly appreciate because many other free applications do not do this. However, for us, nothing is impossible. The overwhelming emotion of users when enjoying a whole new music sky is the most precious thing.


In each song that is played, the bottom is supported to add lyrics. It helps users to tune in to the music. Singing is also an extremely effective way to reduce stress for users. Try to imagine yourself as a genius singer and blend in with this wonderful music. Not only that, this application is extremely suitable for those of you who like to compose, have a lot of heart to send into the lyrics. Besides viewing lyrics, we also provide you with a lyrics editing function.


The songs you choose to listen to are definitely songs that suit your feelings at the time, or sometimes you like the singer singing that song. Whatever the reason, you’d love to choose them. A recommended ranking by month, by week, is laid out. Here are the songs you listen to the most. At the same time, BlackPlayer EX Music Player intelligently identifies the genres, singers, and musicians you admire. It constantly updates and suggests to you to save you time searching.


Many users have the habit of listening to music before going to sleep. Scientists have also proven that listening to soothing music helps you fall asleep more easily. That’s why it’s totally recommended. However, a challenge is that while listening to music to sleep, users can fall asleep at any time. If it keeps playing music until the battery runs out, it’s really a waste. Therefore, you can now schedule BlackPlayer EX Music Player to work for a certain period of time.


In addition to the focus on sound quality, the interface system is equally invested. To bring you the most relaxing feeling possible, most interface themes follow a gentle style. Currently, we have added 8 more themes, and it is sure to grow more and more. With that treasure, users are spoiled for choice in daily settings, each with a different interface.


Zap is known to be a brilliant function of ours. With its help, you can quickly explore a vast music scene, instead of having to listen to each track or choose to transition continuously if you want to hear the melody and lyrics in the first seconds to decide whether to listen or not. That costs you a lot of time and effort, affecting a lot of problems. The Zap function allows you to automatically listen to lots of random music for the first 5 seconds.


There are many more cool features that we want to bring to you. Not to mention, the automatic screen rotation makes users very angry, so in this application, the screen rotation lock feature is added. In addition, the list of songs, artists are all designed in the form of a grid for easier viewing. In particular, for user-generated albums or playlists, you can manually change its representative featured image with a personal image from the gallery.

4.4 24,176 total


  • - NEW Added Pitch controls to ExoPlayer decoder, activate this in the top right corner of the play-queue.
  • - NEW Added Album-wise Shuffle Play. This is found in the top right corner (3 dots) button when browsing the main 'ALBUMS' list. - Big update to internal libraries, might introduce small bugs, more internal updates to come in next version.
  • - Update to Chromecast library.
  • - Added open Play-Queue as one of the customizable actions in Now Playing page.
  • - The setting to show Lyrics on Now Playing page is now saved between app restarts.
  • - Fixed notification seekbar getting stuck when using Repeat one mode.
  • - Fixed rewind track from start not working on startup.
  • - Some items are painted purple, I will fix this shortly.


  • Analytics Disabled
  • Encrypted all resources
  • Languages: En, Ru

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