Audio Converter (Premium Unlocked) 12.2 MOD APK

App Name Audio Converter (Premium Unlocked) MOD APK Audio Converter (Premium Unlocked) MOD APK is the most famous version in the Audio Converter (Premium Unlocked) MOD APK series of publisher Bdroid Team
Publisher Bdroid Team
Genre music-audio
Size 55MB
Version 12.2
Cost Free
Language Multi-Language Support
Licence Freeware
Compatibility Variant with device

4.2 9,645 total

MOD Info
  • Premium Unlocked
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An excellent and easy-to-use Android software for cutting and converting audio files is called Audio Converter. With Audio Converter, you can simply convert any type of music to another format and trim your music into your favourite snippets, which you can then share with your friends. With Audio Converter, you can make your own ringtones for your phone, convert any audio format to another, such as MP3, AAC, M4A, OGG, WMA, OPUS, etc., and then create albums with your high-quality audio clips so that you can listen to them whenever you want, share them with your friends on social media sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, Soundcloud, and more, or even combine them with your video clips.

Without any restrictions or charges, we offer a wide range of audio formats for cutting and converting, including MP3, AAC, M4A, OGG, AMR (AMR-NB and AMR-WB), OPUS, WAV, FLAC, and WMA. File creation has existed since the invention of the first computers. Information bundles called files are made for many purposes. The variety of file formats developed significantly along with the growth of computers and the quantity of their applications.

There are various different file formats available today, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. On the Internet, music is frequently played using audio files, which are among the most used and well-liked types of data. We currently have a variety of audio formats as a result of the widespread use of audio files, with the mp3 format being the most well-known due to its numerous benefits. A user can work with all of the many audio formats since they are each employed for a certain purpose. We may need to convert audio files to different formats to lower the loudness or overcome a device’s lack of compatibility.

Now, an application that enables you to accomplish this on your smartphone is available at your disposal from us. An application called Audio Converter (MP3, AAC, WMA, OPUS) – MP3 Cutter was created specifically for converting audio file formats by the Bdroid Team and made available on Google Play for free. This tool supports a wide range of audio formats, and you may convert practically any file to another. You have the choice to make various adjustments prior to format conversion, such as boosting the file volume, altering the playing speed, and modifying the file tags.


  • Support A Variety Of Audio File Types, Such As Mp3, Aac, M4A, Ogg, Amr (Amr-Nb And Amr-Wb), Opus, Wav, Flac, And Wma.
  • There Is No Time Restriction.
  • Being Able To Control Bitrate, Frequency, And Channel
  • Support Bit Rates Of 128, 160, 192, 256, And 320.
  • Support Both Mono And Stereo
  • The Option To Alter The File’S Frequency To 8000 Hz, 16000 Hz, 22050 Hz, 44100 Hz, Or 48000 Hz
  • The Capacity To Alter The File’S Playback Speed
  • The Capacity To Expand The File’S Volume Before Conversion
  • Being Able To Change File Tags
  • Remove Audio Files
  • High Rate Of Conversion
  • Files Developed May Be Shared Quickly And Easily.


  • You may convert any audio format with a single click.
  • Support several audio formats without any restrictions or charges, such as MP3, AAC, M4A, OGG, AMR (AMR-NB and AMR-WB), OPUS, WAV, FLAC, and WMA.
  • There is no time restriction.
  • Support for a variety of audio output formats, such as MP3, AAC, M4A, OGG, AMR (AMR-NB and AMR-WB), WAV, FLAC, WMA, and OPUS.
  • Modify the bitrate, frequency, and channel of the audio.
  • Support for a variety of audio bitrates, including 128 kbps, 160 kbps, 192 kbps, 256 kbps, and 320 kbps.
  • Encourage both CBR and VBR.
  • Choose 8000 Hz, 16000 Hz, 22050 Hz, 44100 Hz, or 48000 Hz for the audio frequency.
  • Assistance with stereo and mono.
  • Trimming the audio before to and following conversion
  • Before the conversion process, change the song’s speed.
  • Prior to conversion, an audio file should be amplified.
  • You may distribute the converted music to your friends via various social media platforms.
  • Encourage song uploads to Soundcloud, Dropbox, and Google Drive.
  • Change music tags (Title, Artist and Album).
  • With the use of this tool, you may convert any unsupported audio, such as OPUS or WMA, to an Android-compatible format, such as MP3, M4A, while maintaining the music’s original quality.


  • Compatibility for an unlimited number of audio formats, including MP3, AAC, OGG, OPUS, etc.; very quick and accurate.
  • There is no time restriction.
  • The audio file can be saved as music, an alarm, a notification, or a ringtone.
  • Play and distribute the audio clip.
  • You may choose to have the audio clip play automatically as a notification or as the ringtone for incoming calls on your smartphone.
  • Simple and welcoming user interface.


  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Download Audio Converter (Premium Unlocked) 12.2 MOD APK

Download (55MB)

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