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App Name AIO Launcher Premium (Premium Unlocked) 4.5.3 AIO Launcher Premium (Premium Unlocked) 4.5.3 is the most famous version in the AIO Launcher Premium (Premium Unlocked) 4.5.3 series of publisher AIO Mobile Apps
Publisher AIO Mobile Apps
Genre personalization
Size 28M
Version 4.5.3
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As you know, launchers are an integral part of the management system of Android devices, which sometimes give a special effect to the screen and change everything. If you pay attention and follow different launchers, you must know that all of them use different icons, themes or animations to make them more attractive, which has made their progress very smooth. But in this post we want to introduce you to a new launcher in a wonderful way. AIO Launcher Premium is a fast and different launcher for tablets or Android phones, developed by Evgeny Zobnin and published on Google Play. If we want to explain this special program to you in the simplest possible way, we can consider its system based on faster access; So that you can have everything at a glance and meet your needs. From quick access to apps to breaking news, everyone is on the screen with a precise layout to run them quickly and be sure to experience a different tool. The above program has various capabilities that do not fit in short texts; It is better to be with us in the following to be informed about them.

Do you use a mobile device but have ever known the details of the settings? Then AIO Launcher will give you those experiences by providing critical information and the installation’s necessary indicators. The application does not contain colorful icons but simply with two accents of black and white. This information will be given accurately and left to the user to consider the amount of loss when using that setting. The application also promises to develop further and provide users with a series of useful features.

AIO Launcher is not ordinary home screen. It does not have colorful icons, many animation effects and a variety of themes. Instead, AIO Launcher uses a screen space to show you the most important information.


Access to current weather conditions and forecast for the next ten days
RAM and NAND monitoring system used and display of battery percentage
Display notifications in the most standard way possible
Ability to control music playback by accessing key management functions
Faster access to popular applications
View recently received SMS
Professional dialer for quick calls
List of emails received
View upcoming calendar events
Professional RSS reader system to view the latest world news
Ability to access exchange rates at any time
View the latest received Telegram messages
Extremely beautiful and functional layout system


The application is known for providing the user with a wide range of necessary information about that installation. You will see all the applications currently on the device in the application, and you can choose to add them again if you accidentally delete them. This information is provided objectively and transparently to serve the needs of users.


The application gives you a series of specifications about that setting. More specifically, the parameters will be detailed and clear for users to evaluate. The parameters will help you to see how much space it consumes.


Users can manually rearrange the settings right in this application. New, more modern arrangements can be chosen to make your device more unique. Users can also move between settings and arrange them in different positions according to their needs.


The application allows you to delete unused settings to save space. Users can immediately use the quick filter feature to filter out unused settings. Then you need to see if you need it or not; if not, just select delete and the installation will take a few seconds.


The application has added a series of new, modern interfaces to provide for the refreshing needs of users. More specifically, you can also change the interface yourself by merging them and taking the core points as the main points. The harmony between the interfaces will make the application fresher and more sympathetic than ever.


You can change the layout of the settings in the app this time. Move between settings and place them in the most appropriate places. Moreover, you can also change the letter format to choose if desired easily. Either change the order of preference, and that’s up to you to get it.


The application allows you to use more icon packs featured in this collection. These icon packs will provide new icons for each theme for users to choose from. More specifically, each icon pack will also include a featured wallpaper for you to use for synchronization in all aspects.

The application is simple, so the two-tone black and white will be the main color, but now there is an additional range of featured colors. New color styles or color combinations are also used in this application. The main purpose is to refresh the application more and highlight your own device.


* Weather – current weather and forecast for 10 days;
* Notifications – standard android notifications;
* Player – when you turn on the music, playback control buttons appear;
* Frequent apps – frequently used applications buttons;
* Your apps – the icons of the selected applications;
* Contacts – quick contacts;
* Dialer – numpad for quick calls;
* Timer – timer start buttons;
* Mail – list of received emails;
* Notes – list of your notes;
* Tasks – list of tasks;
* Telegram – last messages (paid);
* RSS – latest news;
* Twitter – all tweets or a single user tweets;
* Calendar – upcoming events in the calendar;
* Exchange rates – currency exchange rates;
* Bitcoin – the bitcoin price;
* Finance – stocks, precious metals, cryptocurrencies etc (paid);
* Calculator – simple calculator;
* Audio Recorder – record, play and share audio;
* System monitor – RAM and NAND usage, percentage of battery power;
* Control panel – toggles for WiFi/BT/GPS etc;
* Traffic – shows current download/upload rates and connection type;
* Android widget – standard app widgets (paid).


* Several different themes;
* Icon packs support;
* Multiple icon shapes;
* Ability to change the font size;
* Advanced search system for applications, contacts, files and information on the Internet;
* Ability to rename applications;
* Widgets and plugins support;
* Tasker integration;
* Gestures;
* Very customizable.


* Swipe on search button opens quick menu with phone, camera and market;
* To add the Android widget, long press search button and select the “+” icon;
* To resize the widget, hold the finger on the widget, then use the up and down buttons;
* To access the list of all applications, drag from the left edge of the screen;
* Hold finger on various elements of the screen to open menu;
* To open settings, hold your finger on the search button, and then click the gear icon;
* Hold the title of the widget to move it around;
* Any widget can be disabled in settings;
* You can minimize the widget by clicking on its name;
* To remove an application, open the application menu, hold your finger on the desired application, and drag it to the recycle bin icon.


  • Provides a wide range of information and metrics related to the settings present in your device.
  • Give the most accurate stats, and you can rely on that to see how much possession is possible.
  • Give some novel themes to offer users, and you have the right to choose those themes.
  • Add a series of modern interfaces to the application, open interfaces for users to choose from.
  • You can change the color and layout yourself to avoid the inherent blandness of this application.
  • Integrated many large icon packs, and you can also design those icons by yourself.

4.5 9,070 total


  • * Optimizations for foldable phones (Galaxy Fold 1/2)
  • * Ability to share notes and tasks
  • * UI option to enable app buttons coloring in two tone themes (B/W, Dark etc)

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